Introduce a friend and get £15 to spend!

* For this offer the minimum booking must be a full price Cut & Finish.

How do I introduce a friend?

1. Let's say you are due to get your hair done, just find a friend (who is not already a customer of Hairlucinations) who also wants to get their hair done

2. Arrange a time with your friend, when you're both free to visit the salon together.

3. Next, call the salon on 0151 922 6652 (see note below) and make two appointments for both of you. You and your friend will both need to come to the salon at the same time, so the appointments must be at the same time or close to each other on the same day.

4. You will recieve a Gift Card loaded with £15 credit - for you to spend however you like at the salon.

NOTE: The booking of the appointments must be done over the phone by calling the salon. Sorry it can't be done via online booking or the Mobilen App at the moment.